Where Does Quality Fit into the IT Services Picture?

The basic premise for every business model is to provide a service or a product that creates value for the customer. Quality is critical.

We Believe That Providing Quality Is the Secret to Success.

The LI Tech team knows the value of quality services, hardware, software, and cloud solutions.

Not because we want to be able to say we have or are “the best,” but because we know that your entire business runs on the backbone of your IT assets. Quality in those IT assets means greater dependability and uptime for you.

That’s why we always try to go “above and beyond” by providing consistent services that raise the bar for ourselves and the industry as a whole.

Quality is a continuous process that helps maintain customer satisfaction, reduce risk, lower expenses, and add to brand value.

LI Tech believes that the following factors are most important in maintaining quality in the IT service industry:

a hand turning a dial next to a gauge labeled “Quality” showing the needle pointing at 100%
  • Exceed Expectations – Several studies conducted in recent years show that customers are willing to pay more for a product that meets or exceeds the industry standards. That is, in fact, an expectation from their end.

    We believe that’s a valid expectation, and that simply adhering to recognized quality standards is not enough.

  • Customer Focus – Without you, our customers, there is no “us.”

    All of our offerings are created after thoroughly understanding our customer’s needs and requirements, and we focus on achieving total customer satisfaction by providing efficient and effective services.

  • Continual Improvement – The IT industry is perhaps the most dynamic industry of all. It is changing continuously and driving evolution in our clients’ businesses.

    That’s why we improve upon our offerings, adding and removing certain practices and products that might be outdated. We aim to bring only the latest in business technology to the table.

  • Reducing Costs – Poor quality not only brings criticism of our product but also increases expenses. Without an effective quality control system in place, incurred costs are bound to rise.

    Reliability, consistency, and complete trust between a business and its clients lay the groundwork for a strong relationship.

To retain clients for any repeat business, a good mix of experience and value is a necessity.

The LI Tech team figured this out rather early on and has since put into place practices solely focusing on continuous quality assessment and improvement.