Cybersecurity Tips Business Owners Must Teach Employees

  1. Frequently remind employees not to click on unknown links, whether they be accessible by email or through the web.

  2. Use stronger employee passwords as opposed to the short, predictable passwords that are frequently used.

  3. Allow updates to the operating system, anti-virus software, firewalls and other critical programs whenever prompted.

  4. Employees should backup their own data independently from the normal backups that should be occurring on a regular basis. This creates double protection of their files.

  5. Lock down systems so that users are unable to install any unwanted programs.

  6. Do not share login accounts and important credentials.

  7. When outside the office, employees should only use secure networks when performing work-related tasks.

  8. If a BYOD (bring your own device) policy is in effect, work with your IT Team to implement access and security protocols.

  9. At a minimum, hold monthly IT training sessions. Educate employees on current cybersecurity dangers and test their knowledge on security practices.

  10. Make sure employees are not only staying alert for themselves, but also for their colleagues.

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