Don’t Let This Attack Freeze Your iPhone or Mac!

There’s a new HTML/CSS code that, when hosted by a web page, attacks visitors’ devices. Researchers have been testing the code and trying to find flaws in its iOS design. It turns out that when you visit a sinister website, the code overloads your graphic resources. This causes your operating system to freeze.

The code is just 15 lines long, but it can attack like it’s 10,000 lines long. This is due to all the <div> tags included in the code, which consume graphic resources. At this time, all iOS browsers are affected, because the underlying rendering engine is WebKit.

Many people assume that Macs can’t get viruses or that they’re not vulnerable to malware and adware, but there’s been more exploits in the past two years than ever before. If you want to avoid attacks on your devices that can stop their functionality, don’t click random links!

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