New Auto-Generated Passwords in Chrome Can Keep Your Accounts Safe

It can be difficult for people to remember so many of their passwords, so it’s common practice for users to have the same, or very similar, passwords for all their online services. Social media sites, email, and even banking information can all be accessed using the same sequence of letters and numbers. Even though this is very convenient, continually using the same password for every online account you create could be very risky.

If someone can hack into just one of your accounts by uncovering your password, they can infiltrate all the others. For security reasons, you should attempt to maintain unique passwords for each of your online accounts. Obviously, this could be confusing if you have a huge number of online accounts to manage.  Luckily, Google Chrome has added a new feature that makes this practice of using unique passwords much simpler.

Last Tuesday, Google released a built-in password manager that automatically generates a random password when you sign up on a new website. It’s one of the new features Google unveiled as part of a redesign of its Chrome browser. Google then saves these auto-generated passwords with your Google account.

If you’re interested in moving from Chrome to a cross-browser password manager instead – like 1Password, LastPass, or Bitwarden – you can export your passwords through the password section in Chrome’s settings.

Check out other features and the redesign here.