Preventing Hacking During the Holidays

It’s that most wonderful time of the year, where identities are prone to attack! Here are some tips to prevent hackers from being a GRINCH during the holiday season.

Safe Online Shopping:

Since many of you plan to complete your holiday shopping online – especially on Cyber Monday – make sure the website you’re using to buy products is reputable. You should also use a different e-mail account for online shopping, to prevent your main e-mail from being compromised.

Stay Away from Public Wireless Networks:

These networks can allow attackers to see a LOT of information on your device, especially the credit card number you’ve quickly typed into that “not-so-sure” website to get the latest Fingerling toy.

Use a Reputable Credit Card Company

Just in case your credit card gets hacked online, you can recover the funds quickly if the credit card company has a decent policy.

Use a 1-time Credit Card for Less Secure Purchases:

Some credit card companies allow you to get a One-Time credit card number to allow for one transaction, which can prevent hackers from using it on other purchases.