Enjoy Facebook Safely and Securely

Social Media Seniors

Facebook currently rules the world of social media. With over 2.2 billion active users per month, it is the largest social media platform to date. This also makes it vulnerable to the most online attacks. Enjoy posting while protecting yourself, your friends, and your family members with these simple tips:

  1. Posts & Shares: While browsing Facebook, be aware of what you are posting and what you are sharing. The links may lead to harmful websites or cause viruses to those who click on them.
  2. Privacy: Be mindful of your privacy settings, which affect how your personal information can be viewed by others. Consider what you would and would not allow a stranger to see (your profile picture, your address, your local “check ins”). This can all be controlled by your privacy settings. Click the question mark or “help” symbol to reveal privacy shortcuts. You only need to review and update your privacy settings on one device; those settings will sync to all other devices.
  3. Advertisements: If you see an ad that looks suspicious on your home screen, report it as spam. Use Facebook’s feedback system to report issues or suspicious activity to make Facebook safer.
  4. Passwords: Rethink your password to keep your profile safe! You hear it all the time, but simple passwords that include a name and number can be compromised in a matter of seconds. Try using a “passphrase” (a sequence of words or other text that have meaning only to you).

Responsible social media use makes websites like Facebook more secure for everyone. Sharing family photo albums, using online invitations for parties, and posting happy birthday messages comes at a cost when we aren’t careful about what we click on. Recognizing fake ads, reporting viruses, using a strong password, and updating your privacy settings will guard you and your loved ones against harmful internet scams so that you can enjoy the many benefits of Facebook.