How to Digitize Your Old Photos

do you have boxes of old photos that you’ve been meaning to put into albums for decades, but never had the time to organize? With the digital age upon us, it is now easier than ever to get those pictures digitized so you can easily share them with your friends and family.


Digital photos save you physical space. Instead of taking up book shelves with photo albums, they can all be stored on a computer, external hard drive, or social media platform. They can easily be organized by event, date, and time. If you have stored them in multiple locations, they are also immune to natural disasters such as floods and fires.

Worried about the amount of time it might take to scan them into a computer? To avoid hours of laborious work, you can instead send them to a photo scanning site and receive an archival CD containing your old photos and an online album.

Scanning services like ScanMyPhotos or GoPhoto will digitize photos in all kinds of formats, from printed photos to negatives and slides. They’ll also digitize VHS and Betamax takes, and 8mm film, all of which they convert to DVD.

When you get your DVD back, you can upload the images to your computer and/or to the cloud. You can share your digitized photos by doing any of the following:

  1. Once you upload your photos to your computer you can easily attach them to emails. This is the simplest way to share photos.

  2. Upload to a social media service like Facebook to host your photos.

  3. Store and Share your photos on your tablet or phone.

  4. Still want a physical copy of your prints? You can order a bound photo book, or photo cards, or gifts – anything from a T-Shirt to a mouse pad – using a company like Zazzle or Snapfish.

With digitized photos, you’ll be able to preserve and share your family’s memories in more ways than one.

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