Staying Social (Media) During the Holidays!

The holiday season is a wonderful time for cheer and seeing those you love! And with the increased social media avenues, it’s now easier than ever to stay in touch, even with those who live far away. Here are the top social media sites to help you stay in contact with your loved ones during the holidays:

Facebook: Simply create a basic profile with your picture, and you can start “adding friends” based on your geographic location and people you might know. By adding your high school and graduation year, Facebook can automatically show you suggestions of people you’ll know from that time in your life!

Instagram: This is a “picture only” type of social media where you can “follow” different users and see the images they’re posting. Many users like posting photos of their holiday meals, family members, or even their puppies!

Twitter: Twitter allows you to directly contact companies or voice your opinion PUBLICLY!  By using a “Hashtag,” you can search all other Tweets about a certain topic. For example: “I loved my grandson’s pudding he made! #Yum #Grandson” can help you search other hashtags of “yum” or “grandson.”

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