Tips for Using a Smartphone

Do you find the basic settings in your smartphone to be a hassle? Perhaps the font size is too small, the ringtone is too low, or the layout is too complicated. Follow these tips to have a more personalized experience using your mobile device!

Increasing Text Size

If you are having a hard time reading what is on your phone, increasing the Text size will help you tremendously. For iPhones, open Settings > Display & Brightness > Text Size. Drag the slider to increase the text size to your satisfaction.

For Android phones, go to Settings > Display > Font Size. Select your font size from four options: small, normal, large, or huge. Note that sizing will vary, depending on the type of phone you have.

Changing Ringtones

If you find yourself missing calls and texts, try experimenting with different ringtones and volume settings to better notify you. Go to Settings > Sounds and choose what works best for you. Do you wear hearing aids? Some models allow you to connect to your phone via Bluetooth!

Enlarging Icons

Some smartphone, like the Samsung Galaxy, offer a simplified experience or Easy Mode. In Easy Mode, your home screen will have enlarged icons and a more simplified layout. This is great for first-time smartphone users. Go to Settings > Personalization > Easy Mode to enable this feature.

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