What Can Siri Do For YOU?

Siri is a personal assistant that allows you to verbally interact with your iPhone. Siri can save you time as you set alarms or record notes with speech, rather than using your hands to click through apps or type what you’re looking for. This list is a starter guide to what you can do with your phone just by talking to it.

How to Use Siri

To use Siri, press and hold the home button on the iPhone until the “What can I help you with?” prompt appears on your screen. Then, using your normal speaking voice, ask questions or give different commands. Wait for Siri to answer and she will let you know if the command was accepted.

Tell Siri to Set Alarms and Reminders, Add to Your Calendar and More

Are you in the middle of making a homecooked meal and want to set a timer? Are you filling out paperwork when suddenly you forget the date? Siri can set timers, notify you of the date and time, and set or cancel alarms. Here are some examples of commands you can use for alarms, reminders, and calendar events:

  • “Set the timer for 15 minutes.”

  • “Stop the timer.”

  • “Reset the timer.”

  • “Pause the timer.”

  • “What time is it?”

  • “What is today’s date?”

  • “Wake me in an hour.”

  • “Set an alarm for 7 o’clock in the morning.”

  • “Turn off all alarms.”

Tell Siri to Create and Find Notes

Want to record a quick mental note while on the go? Siri can also create and locate notes for you, such as a grocery list. Here are some examples of commands you can use for notes:

  • “Note: The car is parked in Row 5, Level 3 at the airport.”

  • “Create a grocery list note.” (substitute the desired name of your list)

  • “Add bananas, milk, and bread to the grocery list note.”

  • “Find the grocery list note.”

Try some of these commands today to see how much easier it is to use your iPhone with one click, instead of many.