Network Security

In recent years, there has been a surge of both data breaches and privacy violations, mainly due to hacking and insecure passwords on corporate networks. In a world where privacy is key, corporations both small and large must ensure that customer data is fully secure and networks are impenetrable from remote hacking attempts.

The saying “better safe than sorry” holds even more truth when it comes to network security. To protect all your essential data, LI Tech Advisors offers security audits to companies and organizations. Our security audit will review the overall integrity of your entire network and identify areas of weakness. Having a single weak spot in your network security can potentially make your all of your data insecure.

Our security audit ensures the following:

  • Proper anti-virus and anti-malware protection are installed and up to date

  • Backup procedures and disaster recovery plans are in place

  • Internet firewalls are configured correctly

  • Network passwords are secure and hack resistant

  • Scanning network for open ports and port blocking to prevent unauthorized access

  • Spam protection is sufficient and configured correctly

  • Individual computer software and security are up to date

  • Data encryption and protection to prevent access in the case of theft

Once our security audit is complete and your weak spots have been fixed, your network will have the most advanced security available.

Call us today to schedule a security audit and ensure the safety of all your essential data!