Ways to Improve Your iPhone Experience

Seniors with computers

With every new phone that’s released and with every update that comes out, there are constantly changes being made to the operating system. It’s important to know your device and what it’s capable of; in the end, it will make your life a whole lot easier.

First, you should set up Touch ID and enable a passcode. Do this by going to Settings, then selecting Touch ID. This is something only newer iPhones will have. It allows you to unlock your phone or authorize purchases by using your fingerprint. You never have to remember passwords again!

Next, check out Voice Dial. When your phone is locked, you will still be able to make a call using this feature. This saves you some time if you don’t feel like unlocking the screen and going to the contacts app. To do this, go into Settings, select Touch ID, and toggle voice dial from “off” to “on.”

This next tip is very useful if you have a medical condition you would like documented. Navigate to Medical ID and input your information. If a doctor ever needs your medical information, he’ll be able to access this in an emergency, even while your phone is locked! This also makes finding emergency contacts a lot easier.

Seniors with technology

Lastly, increase the text size on your iPhone to match your comfort level. Make your text size bigger by going into Settings, then Display and Brightness. From there, select “text size” and adjust to your preferred reading size. You can also enable “bold text.” If you’d also like to text in a bigger font, go to Settings, General, Accessibility, and then select “larger text.”