How MSP Services Compare to Break/Fix Services

Break/Fix services only hire the assistance of a professional when something in the system is broken. A technician will arrive to your location to determine and fix the issue at hand.

Pros of Break/Fix Services:

  • No monthly services fees.

  • Leaves room for an internal employee to fix minor issues.

Cons of Break/Fix It Services:

  • The IT specialist may not have a history with your system and may take longer to find and fix the problem.

  • Your Break/Fix provider has no incentive to implement stable fixes, as they make money every time you call them to fix a problem.

  • Your Break/Fix It provider has little incentive to make fixes quickly, since they make more money the more slowly they work.

  • If you have the same problem repeatedly, you’re billed separately every time.

  • Overall costs are less predictable, as they vary with project time and equipment used. This makes budgeting much more difficult for Break/Fix models.