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Windows Server 2008 End of Support (Questions and Answers)

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end — and on January 14, 2020, Microsoft will be…

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day This Sunday

March 17th is one of our favorite days of the year – St. Patrick’s Day. For some, it’s…

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The Current State of Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming, or playing a video game through a remote server, is alive and growing rapidly. Unlike streaming…

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Disaster Recovery Plans

Why do you need a disaster recovery plan? Preparing a disaster recovery plan (DRP) is crucial to running…

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Warning: Foreign Hackers Compromised Citrix Systems

Citrix said the FBI warned them on Wednesday, March 6th that hackers compromised its IT systems and stole “business documents.” Citrix doesn’t know precisely which…

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How To Limit What Others See From Your Browsing History

If you’re like most people, you’ve got valid concerns about your personal privacy while browsing the internet. After…

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Spring Forward This Sunday

Daylight Saving Time for 2019 starts on Sunday, March 10th. I’m sure you know how Daylight Saving Time…

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Using Speech to Text

Using your fingers to type is a thing of the past with today’s technology. Whether you are cooking,…

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The Ultimate Small Business Owner’s Guide to Ransomware

Your employee innocently clicks a link within an email or visits a sketchy website and the next thing…

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