Website Accessibility

LI Tech Advisors are committed to ensuring digital accessibility for people with disabilities. We are continually improving the user experience for everyone and applying the relevant accessibility standards.

Measures to support accessibility

L.I. Tech Advisors takes the following measures to ensure the accessibility of our website:

  • We include accessibility as part of our mission statement
  • We have appointed a qualified individual as the leader of our accessibility initiative
  • We continually monitor, evaluate, and update our website based upon automated and manual testing

Conformance status

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) define requirements for designers and developers to meet in order to ensure/improve digital accessibility for all users, but users with disabilities in particular. L.I. Tech Advisors strives to meet or exceed WCAG Version 2.1 Level AA requirements. As of August 2020, the L.I. Tech Advisors website partially conforms to this level. We are working diligently and intentionally everyday to achieve full conformance to WCAG Version 2.1 Level AA.

Known limitations and Current Efforts

Our team is actively working on addressing known accessibility issues. For example, some of the items we are currently in the midst of addressing are:

  • Making the visual indication of focus more noticeable when keyboard focus is on an interactive element
  • Ensuring each piece of multimedia has a text transcript, captions, and audio descriptions (if necessary)
  • Adjusting color contrast of text and interactive elements
  • Improving error handling for forms
  • Implementing a logical heading hierarchy to facilitate easier navigation and comprehension of content structure
  • Streamlining our sitemap to assist users with easily finding the page(s) which they are interested in


As we seek to continually improve the user experience for everyone, we welcome your feedback regarding the accessibility of the L.I. Tech Advisors website. Please let us know if you observe or encounter an accessibility issue(s) on our website by contacting us in either of the following ways:

*Please include the word “Accessibility” in your message to us.

When contacting us regarding accessibility-related issues or inquiries, please include important pertinent information, such as:

  • Operating System and version. For example, Windows 10 version 2004
  • The assistive technology you are using (if any) and the version. For example, NVDA version 2020.1
  • The web browser and version. For example, Google Chrome version 84.0.4147.105
  • The location of the issue. You can give us the URL of the web page, or a general description such as “About Us page”
  • A description of the issue that you encountered. What was happening (or not happening) that created a barrier for you?

We take your feedback very seriously and try our best to respond within 3 business days.